Bangkok Hospital

We modernized the Digital Presence of Thailand's biggest Hospital Network.
Year : 2017 Agency : Sparrow

We were challenged to redesign and develop a better user experience for Bangkok hospital, the biggest hospital network in Thailand.



The main objective of this revamp is to acquire new users through Find Doctors and Make an Appointment features and to tackle the problem of high bounce rate and drop-off rate of the previous "Find Doctor" page.



Our team redesigned the site while ensuring that our design integrated with the physical hospital and was flexible to operate the future upcoming content strategies. We also create the modern style of website to suit with advanced technology in the hospital. To enhance customer satisfaction, we serve new digital experience which they will have a better understanding and access to the medical information. Moreover, a new website seamlessly joins each clinic together to accommodate numerous audiences. The website is now more accessible and customers can conveniently make an appointment with their doctor through online anytime and anywhere.

As our objective is to make "Make an Appointment" feature easy to accessed, we use progressive profiling technique to retain user. To prevent user frustration, we show only necessary form when it needs. We separate the unavoidable input fields into steps and indicate which step is active or inactive.