Creating intuitive online store for the medical equipment brand
Year : 2017


Maplelife is a company selling medical equipment. The company sold product through phone and did not have any website before. The company provides various type of products such as diabetes blood test machine and strip, personal lancets, alcohol pad.



5Lab helped Maplelife to create the automated selling platform with the company’s e-commerce website. We set up new online payment system and customers now can conveniently buy the product which will be delivered right to their door in a few days.

We also created the subscription system whereas a customer gets monthly diabetes toolkit with the payment will be recurring charge via the credit card. On the Maplelife's backend, staffs can now easily generate the document such as invoice and packing slip which used to be created manually.

5Lab's design emphasizes making a hygienic and trustworthy feeling among shoppers, meanwhile, we created dynamic and friendly user interface to avoid a typical mood and tone of medical brand which can be too serious.