Pree Boutique Sportswear

5Lab brought Pree and its sport fashion style into the Digital world
Year : 2018


Pree Boutique Sportswear is activewear brand for hyper-stylish customers in Thailand. The significant growing number of exercising rate has made Pree become one of the highly popular sportswear brand in the clothing retail business. Because of the product variety and design, it even emphasizes its brand repute and uniqueness. Along with the growing trend, Pree wanted to expand its market base efficiently not only in the physical world but also in the online platform.



Because of an old online website, customers have difficulties to access and purchase the product. The design and web composition were unorganized as it affects the brand professionality. Besides, inaccurate content was another factor that brought down the user experience. The brand identity and website are incompatible. As a challenge, we have to create an e-commerce platform focusing on simplicity and functionality.



The new Pree’s website is rebuilt under particular design representing the brand identity. Integration of design and new placement of website elements creates seamless user experience. For product offering, it is allowed customers to see different dimensions by merely pointing the arrow at the picture. The new site functionally and effortlessly displays the uniqueness of products to the eyes of customers such as new collection and type of fabric. Establishing the new website, Pree is now able to target more both international and Thai customers with the more accessible platform.