Talaad Thai

5Lab has reorganised Talaad Thai's website and integrated agricultural data base into one place.
Year : 2017 Agency : Sparrow


Talaad Thai is the biggest agricultural wholesale market in Southeast Asia under the management of Thai Agro Exchange company. The company was established in 1997s with an aim to help agriculturist in trading agricultural products with reasonable price for both sellers and buyers. Currently, Talaad Thai ocupies an area over 542 rai in Phathum Thani province. Customers can expediently access to the market from different routes. Besides, the company explicitly classified product categories into 21 markets and it is a major point of collecting and distributing for both internationally and domestically. Therefore, Talaad Thai become the biggest central market for trading agricultural products in ASEAN.



Talaad Thai’s agricultural products and price database, has been kept for over a decade, was highly fragmented and has not been used efficiently. To make the best use out of the it, Talaad Thai wanted to utilize those existing information by turning into online database as the center of product information for buyers and sellers. Referring to the previous website, there are difficulties in using the platform, for instance, slow accessibility, poor design, information complexity, and inaccurate information. Even though Talaad Thai is number one agricultural supply chain market, the company also aims to be number one agricultural data center in online platform in Asean. Accordingly, the challenge for our company is to redesign the website and also create a platform to establish product information and price for all products. We have to make the website to be the center of information which both organization and customers reachable at ease.



Our company recreated and restructured the website to be more organized and modern design. As we reorganize Talaad Thai’s database on clouds, users can now easily find specific product information. In addition, 5Lab has built API in order to utilize the data across platforms. To make use of the data to serve public efficiently, we utilize the information for market trading which users can get products prices and various types of vendors in one website.